Our technical office accompanies the customer in all phases of design and construction. From consultancy and development services to reverse engineering, we are able to provide assistance throughout the precceding phases of the product industrialization.

The graphic representation is a critical step in any industrial process. It allows to give shape to ideas, to make them concrete and feasible, to move from the design space to the concrete object.

But not always everything goes as it should: a competent technical office is able to recognize any inconsistencies in the project design and make the necessary corrections according to the production technologies of choice.

By choosing Filoni you will have at your disposal a staff of expert technicians who are able to understand the project and act accordingly for the industrialization process.

Our office is equipped with CAD / CAM stations with 2D and 3D programs (Autocad, Rhinoceros, SolidWorks, Auton, Esprit).

The services include: elaboration of a project to build the first prototype, design, reverse engineering, restyling, photographic survey, consultancy and project development.

Our staff is highly specialized and constantly up-to-date, so that we can understand and satisfy all the customer’s needs.

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