What we can do for you

By hiring us, you will hire a technical office, a production plant equipped with the latest generation production equipment, a consulting firm offering flexibility and over half a century of experience in the field of services for the manufacturing industry.

Taking a product from conception to industrialization is a complex process. Filoni S.r.l. can accompany you along this path by providing assistance, advice and by building prototypes, models, molds and other production equipment.

We are able to take care of all the actions that precede the mass production of a product, from the design to the setup of the industrial process for its manufacturing.

All our interventions will always have an eye on economics, ergonomics and compliance with specifications.

Choose us as your partner and streamline your industrialization process.

Our works

Production equipment

Molds and models, gauges, templates and control equipment: services for the industrialization of a product

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Mechanical design

3D models, reverse engineering, consulting, styling: our technical office

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Working and static prototypes, pre-production series: all the tools to make your ideas concrete

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Scale models and maquettes

Our scale models have made history: our services for bodywork production

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Some of our works

In our sector, each project has its requirements. We are specialists in solving complex problems, in overcoming the most difficult production challenges with inventive and practical skill.

Here are some of the projects that best represent our business.

Picchio series

Latest generation drilling or demolition tools, the high quality of these products is unrivaled on the market.

Mulo series

Mulo is an electric wheelbarrow capable of moving on any type of terrain. It has a safe and handy control system.

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