We build working and representational (non-working) prototypes of vehicles, appliances, machinery and production equipment. We have the capability for producing small and medium series of finished parts for many industries.

Making a prototype is the moment of truth. All design details must demonstrate their validity so that the final result satisfies the customer.

During all the previous phases, crucial decisions must be made, from the choice of the most suitable materials to the degree of finish, to allow the stylistic, ergonomic and technical checks necessary.

The technical structure of our company and the long experience gained allow us to be a valid support for the customer during all the prototyping phases, up to the achievement of its objective.

Over the decades we have built prototypes of vehicles, appliances, machinery and more.

With great satisfaction we can say that our prototypes have been exhibited at national and international trade fairs and, in many cases, they have become products built and marketed all over the world.

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