From thermoforming molds to control gauges, we build production equipment and checking fixtures for almost all industrial production processes. Technical perfection, competence and punctuality at the service of your product.

We can be proud: our equipment has contributed to the history of industry and design in Italy.

Our company boasts over 50 years of experience in the construction of production euipment and checking fixtures for most of the existing industrial processes. Over the years we have participated in large and small, well-known and lesser-known projects, accumulating a broad technical experience.

Today we build molds and models for fiberglass, both for injection technology and manual layering; molds for thermoforming processes, molds for soft, self-skinning and rigid polyurethanes; aluminum, epoxy and mixed metal-resin molds; models for rotational molds; trimming jigs for machining centers.

We also have great experience in the construction of control gauges, assembly and testing templates.

We are able to advise the customer on the most efficient production choices, always with particular attention to the feasibility, the cost-effectiveness of the process and the choice of materials.

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