Heavy-duty gas engine drill: it’s Il Picchio

They can operate where no electric instrument can do. They are built to be reliable and to last. It’s Picchio (“The Woodpecker”), our line of latest generation hammer drills and demolition hammers. Every day, these tools operate in the most different areas of the planet as tools for operators of all kinds: construction workers, mountain guides, rescuers, quarrymen and anyone who needs a reliable tool where electricity is not at hand. They are equipped with powerful 2 or 4-stroke gas or oil / gas engines, their low emission engine is respectful of the environment and able to run in all positions. The ergonomic design makes them easy to handle and suitable for all working conditions, from the snowy peaks of the mountains to the deserts. Discover Picchio, our line of gas engine drills!

The available models


HB 26

HB 26 is the wieldiest of our series of gas engine drills. Thanks to its 6.5 kg of weight, this gas engine is small but powerful.

It is equipped with a low emission 4 strokes Honda engine that sets in motion a latest generation Bosch hammer capable of operating in rotation, rotation / percussion, percussion only modes.

The high efficiency of the engine and ease of handling make it the ideal tool for all operators who must put require ease of transportation in any situation.

Main features
  • drill bits up to 20 mm
  • lightweighted and practical, it can be taken anywhere
  • optional carburetion kit to increase the engine capacity in high-altitude environment
Complete Features


Versatility and power are the main features of our BHB40 gas engine demolition drill. It is available with a 2-stroke (Blue Bird gasoline/oil) or 4-stroke (Honda gasoline) engine to meet every need.

In both versions, this drill provides enough power to drill the toughest granite wall with drill bits up to 40mm.

Its ergonomic knobs and optimal weight distribution make it the ideal companion for all those working in extreme environments.

Main features
  • drill bits up to 40 mm
  • excellent weight distribution for smooth work at high altitudes
  • the 4 strokes version has an optional carburation kit for thin air environments
Complete Features


The BB52 is a low emission gas engine drill, the most powerful of the series.

It is equipped with a latest generation Bosch hammer, with a belt transmission reinforced with heat-resistant material, for improved durability.

Thanks to its comfortable and ergonomic knobs and ot its low levels of vibration and noise, compliant with the regulations, the drill guarantee optimal working conditions even in protected natural environments.

Its engine, capable of operating in all positions, can drill any type of material in the absence of a power supply.

Main features
  • 19J of power with only 15 kg of weight
  • Good components for long lasting quality
Complete Features

Il Picchio in azione

The models in comparison

HB 26 BHB 40 2T BHB 40 4T BB52
Descrizione Cm 55,5x21,5x26,5h Cm 76x27x28,5h Cm 76x27x25h Cm 87x27x30h
Peso a secco 6,5 Kg 11,6 Kg 11 Kg Kg. 15,3
Alimentazione Unleaded petrol 100% 20/1 petrol / oil mixture Unleaded petrol 100 20/1 petrol / oil mixture
Capacità serbatoio Lt 0,55 Lt 0,9 Lt 0,63 lt. 0,9
Consumo alla max potenza 340 g/Kw*h 509 g/Kw*h 497 g/Kw*h 586 gr/KW*h
Motore (cilindrata) Honda 25 cc – GX25 4 Tempi Blue Bird 44,3 cc 2 Tempi Honda 35,8 cc – GX35 4 Tempi Blue Bird 53,2 cc 2 Tempi
Energia erogata 0,70 KW-1 HP 1,6 Kw 1,0 KW 1,8 Kw
Battente Bosch GBH 2600 Bosch GBH 5-40 D Bosch GBH 5-40 D Bosch GBH 12-52 D
Diam. Foro con punta standard Max 26mm Max 40mm Max 40mm Max 52mm
Calcestruzzo 26mm 40mm 40mm 52 mm
Muratura (con corona a punta cava) 68mm 90mm 90mm 150 mm
Attacco utensili SDS-Plus SDS-Max SDS-Max SDS-max
Potenza del singolo colpo SDS-Plus SDS-Max SDS-Max SDS-max
Potenza del singolo colpo Max 2,7 J Max 8,5 J Max 8,5 J 19 J
Livello di potenza sonora dB 106,5 dB 106,5 dB 105,5 dB 107,5 dB
Livello di vibrazione m/s2 12,1 m/s2 14,2 m/s 11,5 m/s2 19 m/s2
Rotazione Yes No No No
Rotazione /percussione Yes Yes Yes Yes
Percussione Yes Yes Yes Yes

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